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May 15, 2011 by ourplace · 1 Comment · Academic English Vocabulary


Prefix and suffixes


In Academic English you often encounter higher level words in texts that consist of multi-parts. Welcome to the world of the PrEfIx and the SuFf Ix.  So let’s get started.)

2-Word Parts:


Mis       –     lead    –                 ing


Warning!!! The root is also known as the base in some books and web sites.

CHALLENGE: How many words can you think of that  fit into the prefix-root-suffix pattern above?

3-Here are some prefixes and suffixes you might encounter in your studies:

Explore and work through the exercises on this site.

4-Vocabulary Investigation:

The activity below looks at whether you can take a word apart.  It will ask you for up to 5 answers: Good Luck.)

Click here to begin.)


5-The Ultimate Challenge

Click on one of the websites below and choose an article that interests you.  Have a quick scan through the text.  Highlight any words with prefixes and suffixes and try to deduce their meaning using your new found knowledge.  If you come across any new prefixes or suffixes remember to record them around the overriding theme (For example: Chemistry) and then group them into smaller theme groups, as we did in the lesson.)

The New Scientist

New scientist 



The Economist







Please post any other sites that you enjoy reading or are useful for your studies so that other students can benefit from this collaborative, collective, knowledge.  (How many prefixes, suffixes and roots in that*!!!:)

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